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Our intrinsically safe headlamps are atex and iecex approved and assure the safety of your mobile workers in hazardous areas. the safety of your workers and your satisfaction with our products are our top priority. please get in contact with us, if you have any questions.

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The model 7701 hd – intrinsically safe led headlamp is msha approved and safe for use in hazardous environments (industrial, utility, oil, gas, mining, etc). the 7701 hd is now brighter than ever with 120 lumens and a measured beam range of 541 feet. it is made of impact resistant resin offering exceptional durability and weather resistance.

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The model 7465org & 7465yel – intrinsically safe rechargeable led flashlights with floodlight beam are a lightweight, rechargeable, hand-held work light with a 210 degree articulating head that rotates a full 360 degrees.

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Rechargeable headlamp, hard hat light – adults led headlamp flashlight, perfect headlamps for camping, head lamps for adults, head flashlight, lamparas recargables. ... very safe: the red indicator ... nightstick xpp-5454gc intrinsically safe dual-light headlamp w/hard hat clip & mount. by nightstick. $33.40 $ 33 40 $50.00 prime. free ...

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The nightstick xpp-5454gc led headlamp, which is rated intrinsically safe and waterproof, weighs 3.4 oz. and has a drop rating of 2 m. it clips to the front of a hard hat and emits four types of beams: high or low spotlight for distance, and high or low floodlight for close-up illumination.

Genesis lantern cordexintrinsically safe instrumentation

An intrinsically safe instrument has been designed from the ground up to use low voltage and current together with detailed electronic and mechanical design to elimate any possibility of generating an ignotino source in a hazardous (explosive) area.

Intrinsically safe fluke

Intrinsically safe is a protection method employed in potentially explosive atmospheres. certificate is tools are designed to prevent the release of sufficient energy to cause ignition of flammable material. is standards apply to all equipment that can create one or more of …

July 19, 2010 the intrinsically safe (fm approved) ratings ...

A radio termed “intrinsically safe” is designed and certified to eliminate or encapsulate any components that produce sparks or which could generate enough heat to cause an ignition in areas with flammable gasses, dusts or fuels.

Intrinsically safe/atex accessoriesotto communications

Otto intrinsically safe/atex accessories are is/atex certified and deliver comfort, reliability and protection.

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Energizer intrinsically safe ® flashlights are designed and built with the rugged, msha-certified features hard-working professionals need and appreciate on the job. the built-in safety elements of all energizer intrinsically safe ® lights help eliminate risk to workers in potentially hazardous situations.

Fluke hl-200 ex intrinsically safe headlamp, 200 lumens

Fluke hl-200 ex intrinsically safe headlamp, 200 lumens. model: hl-200 ex. featuring a hands-free headlamp that securely grips to your hardhat, allowing you to do whatever your job demands. the light offers an adjustable angle, as well as high and low light modes.

Ecom lite-ex pl 10 h 6 intrinsically safe headlamp, 6 degree

The lite-ex pl 10 h is a headlamp which is based on the compact and powerful lite-ex pl 10 flashlight. all of the features exhibited by the flashlight, such as the ring switch, luminosity level, ip protection class and degree of robustness are naturally also present in this version.

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Nightstick intrinsically safe multi-function headlamp (green floodlight) is available to purchase online from silmid.

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Nightstick manufacture intrinsically safe led torches and headlamps certified to iecex and atex for hazardous and explosive environments. brt fire & rescue supplies is the authorised distributor for nightstick in australia.